Elliott’s Bakery & Cafe – Streaky Bay SA

Elliott’s Bakery & Cafe

Our trip across to Ceduna was pretty awesome, so many little towns and attractions to explore. This was a drive I originally thought would be boring
tedious, but I was so wrong. Sadly I didn’t make to the Wudinna Bakery as it was closed when we drove through. Pretty disappointed we missed that one but on a positive side it gives us a another reason to return to the area.

After visiting Ceduna we decided to at park up around the Streaky/Smokey Bay areas for a couple of weeks and see what the area had to offer. We spent nights at Pt Brown, Perlubie Beach and Walkers Rocks all three were epic but our favourite hands was Pt Brown. While we were in the area I made contact with a ripping fella named Dale and organized a visit to his bakery at Streaky Bay.

Elliott’s Bakery & Cafe is located in the town centre of Streaky Bay on the Eyre Pensilula. Dale has been baking for many years, but took over this place 17 years ago. It also turns out Dale did his apprenticeship at the Port Elliot bakery which I reviewed earlier this year.

The building itself it’s beautiful. There is heaps of seating inside and out to escape the heat and the possible unwanted flies !!! The bakery is open 6 days a week and employs over a dozen staff. For a little town this bakery has got more than you need. The selection on offer here is fantastic and if you chasing supplies on your way up or down the Eyre this bakery has it all covered. It was almost 2 weeks since my last 🥧 so I was eager to rip in and get started.

This weeks 🥧 selection was quite simple, I ran into a few locals at the butcher shop earlier that morning and they all suggested I give the “steak, cheese and bacon” 🥧 a whirl. To be honest after being 2 weeks pieless any flavoured 🥧 would have hit the spot.


1. Value for Money – $5.90 was reasonable value for money. The 🥧 was the standard size in diameter but the depth wasn’t as big as previous 🥧’s I’ve reviewed. You also need factor in the location of where you are. Streaky Bay isn’t the most assessable place and cost of goods might be more expensive here. Overall not bad value. 8/10

2. Meat Ratio – Pretty good !!! About 90% full. The meat chunks were massive and there was quite a few in there as well. As mentioned above the 🥧 was huge in the depth department but it was almost full. 9/10

3. Flavour – The flavour in this thing was actually really nice. The meat chunks were huge and was incredibly tender. The cheese and bacon flavour was clearly evident without being over powering. I particularly liked the dark grazy, it gave this 🥧 that little extra kick it needed. 8/10

4. Pastry – Overall shape was a little banged up but nothing major, while the top colour was golden and super flakey. The base was soft but surprisingly held together firm to the last bite. The sides were slightly underbaked but once again only minor. Overall the pastry in this 🥧 was more than satisfactory. 7.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Could have been a fraction hotter but nothing to write write home about. 9.5/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 42/50 🥧🥧

The overall score may be a little down but I really enjoyed this 🥧 and would have no hesitation recommending it. The flavour in particular was beautiful and the meat chunks were massive and cooked to perfection. A few minor things to work on with the pastry but nothing to be concerned about. $5.90 isn’t expensive for a 🥧 with real steak in it, but the depth of this 🥧 was as big as ones I’ve recently reviewed. For me personally, to find a bakery this far on the Eyre was a real bonus. I also gave the steak and pepper a run and it also was very nice.

This bakery is a little beauty and if your on the Eyre Pensilula it’s 100% worth stoppingi in. Whether your fanging for a 🥧 or need a few supplies the crew here will look after you. A massive thanks to Dale and is amazing team for their hospitality. The Streaky Bay area is incredibly lucky to have a baker and a bakery of this quality. Dale is a ripping fella and I wish him all the best.