Elenora Heights Bakery

2024 🥧 Tour
Review no 16
Elanora Heights Bakery
(Elanora Heights)

This northern beaches mini tour has been sensational and the quality of the 🥧’s has been first class, but before I left I had one more bakery to visit and this particular review had me very excited. I was on my way to Elanora Heights Bakery and I was super excited to sit down share a 🥧 and chat with owner Peter Snow.

Elanora Heights Bakery is located at 63A Kalang Rd Elanora Heights and is open 7 days a week. Owner Peter has been in the baking game for over 65 years !!! Yes that’s right this legend has been baking 🥧’s since he was 15 and still has the passion for baking the highest quality of products. Peter moved out from the UK just over 50 years ago and eventually lobbed at Elanora Heights and has been here for a tick over 37 years.

This is another old school classic bakery !!! Nothing fancy but just good products at affordable prices baked by experienced bakers. Peter’s son Steve is also in the bakery helping out the old man smash out the products, but as mentioned earlier although Peter is into his 80’s he’s showing no signs of retiring.

Like all old school bakeries the selection of 🥧’s on the menu here is quite generous. This week’s choice of 🥧 was a relatively easy one. I went with one of my trusty favourite’s “Curry Mince 🥧” its been a while since I’ve reviewed a curry 🥧, so I was keen to rip into this one.


1. Value for Money – Any 🥧 priced at $5.50 is going to be good value and this 🥧 was no different. Although the 🥧 wasn’t massive in depth it was still more than acceptable and affordable to the average 🥧 punter. Overall pretty good value 8.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – Pretty much full !!! The top pastry had dipped a little bit and lacked puff, but overall you would be happy with the fill in this 🥧. 9.5/10

3. Flavour – As far a curry 🥧’s go, this was a little beauty. The mince was beautifuly cooked and the curry mix was the perfect blend. Although the curry mix wasn’t overpowering it still had a little kick to it which I loved. Old school curry 🥧 and a good one at that. Good job guys !!! Great flavour 8/10

4. Pastry – A couple of things to work on but nothing major. Let’s start with the positives – top color, shape, shrinkage, top and bottom bake thicknesses all more than acceptable. The negatives were – lacked puff on the top, top and bottom bakes were underdone with bottom bake in particular a little soft. In saying that while the bottom was soft the stability of the 🥧 was excellent. 6.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Terrific !!! No issues here 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 42.5/50 🥧🥧

Apart from the pastry all the scores were very consistent and overall this was a quality product. The price, meat ratio and flavor all scored well and deservedly so. The flavour in this 🥧 was beautiful as was the mince which was cooked to perfectation. The pastry needed a little work but nothing major or nothing that couldn’t be tweaked. I’m glad I choose this particular flavoured 🥧 and would have no hesitation having another one in a heartbeat. 100% add this little bakery to your 🥧 plans it’s a little beauty and you won’t be disappointed.

I cannot put into enough words the enjoyment this review gave me. Yes the 🥧’s were great, but it was sitting down and hearing Peter’s 🥧 journey that was bloody epic. At 80 years of age this champion should have his feet up knocking down schooners on his farm, but he’s in this bakery everyday day making the best products for his beloved customers. Peter doesn’t own a mobile phone, computer or use any technology and if his supplies want to get paid they make a visit to see him like the old days and that’s fantastic. Thanks for your time Peter and I wish you all the best mate, your one very special human. Another thanks to Andrew from MOI International – Australia for lining up this review.