Edith Fall Cafe – Katherine NT

Edith Falls Cafe

After leaving Katherine with third degree burns to my inner thigh, it was time to continue our journey further north. The destination was “Edith Falls” which is only one hour north of Katherine and forms part of the Nitmiluk National Park.
This was one place on the tour, I was looking forward to visiting and certainly the last place I was expecting to find a 🥧 to review.
After parking the van and setting up camp we hit the walking trails up to the top falls. Yes it’s a hike, yes it’s up hill and a tad rocky but the scenery was off the charts !!! The swimming hole and waterfalls was something else. The water was crystal clear and very safe. If you didn’t want to do the climb, you can swim at the bottom waterfall near camp, but trust me the top one is a must !!!!
On the trek down I was thinking about two things, food but more importantly getting out of my wet jock’s before stage three chafe sets in.
On our arrivaI earlier that morning I didn’t notice the camping area had a small cafe/food outlet. So we thought we would head over and give it a crack.
The cafe is quite tiny and open for lunch only. It can get busy so get in early. The first thing I noticed on the board was home made 🥧’s. After the Katherine horror show, I was keen to get back on the saddle and try one of these babies.
Choosing a 🥧 to review and eat was bloody easy !!! They only have two sorts. Beef 🥧 or Chicken and Leek. But the beef 🥧’s had already been smashed by other punters, so Chicken and Leek it was.
1. Value for Money – Look $8 was a little step. But the 🥧 was a decent size and relatively deep. Plus I was ordering a 🥧 from a small cafe in a National Park so that had to be taken into consideration. 6/10
2. Meat Ratio – This 🥧 was pretty full. Photos will show there wasn’t much room left. Plus the chicken pieces were like golf ball size. 9/10
3. Meat Flavour – Pretty good !!! The chicken pieces were huge and very tender, while the veggies were full of flavor. The only negative was this 🥧 was a little dry but as we all know chicken can do that without some sort of sauce. Overall it wasn’t bad. 7/10
4. Pastry – PERFECT !!! The pastry was the best part about this 🥧 by a country mile. The 🥧 held together perfectly and the pastry was full of flavor. Great job
5. Temperature – Look I have a feeling this 🥧 was nuked, but I could be wrong. Anyway it could have been a tad warmer but overall pretty good. 8/10
Overall Rating 🥧🥧40/50 🥧🥧
This 🥧 was really good. Chicken and Leek would be the absolute last flavored 🥧 I would choose at any bakery, but this one in particular was beautiful and hit the spot. The pastry was perfect and the chicken pieces were massive and super tender.
Edith Falls (Nitmiluk) National Park was the last place I was expecting to get a 🥧 and to get one of this quality. Lisa (chef and 🥧 creator) your a legend, thanks so much for your time. This little cafe is a cracker and 100% worth stopping in for. There’s a huge range of variety on the menu. As mentioned it gets super busy so don’t leave it late or you will miss out.
Lastly Edith Falls lived up to all my expectations. Once again another National Park with endless beauty and tranquility. I instantly fell in love with this place and we will 100% be back. To get the full experience get there early and try to secure a camp site. With no bookings and limited sites, it’s a first in first served basis. The sites are a generous size and facilities were awesome.