Deloraine Town Cafe and Bakery – Deloraine TAS

Deloraine Town Cafe & Bakery (Deloraine Tas)

After almost loosing a few toes in the snow at the Great Lake Hotel we continued further north to the Deloriane/Mole Creek area. This was a area that was badly affected by floods before we arrived. We weren’t sure what was going to be open as a number of places were still closed such as Mole Creek Caves and nearby Liffey Falls.
Two places that were 100% open was the Mole Creek Hotel and Tassie Tiger Bar and
Deloraine Town Cafe Bakery. Both places had been on my hit list since my arrival in Tassie and places so many people told me were must stops overs.

First on the list was Deloriane Town Cafe and Bakery. That’s where I met owners David, Cindy and bakery manager Dannii. The bakery/cafe is located in the Main Street of Deloraine. The building itself is quite big and used to be a bank many years ago. The strong room / safe is still in the centre of the bakery which is pretty awesome. Open 6 days a week and employing over 7 staff this joint is a little cracker.

David and Cindy have done a awesome job with this place, it’s been restored/renovated and looks beautiful inside and out. Speaking of beautiful the cabinet display was very impressive and that’s mainly due to Dannii. People defiantly buy with there eyes and this is a bakery that could easily bankrupt you !! Every single item in the cabinets looked incredible and super fresh. Like most bakeries it’s super busy here. The day I was there the front counter was out of control and out the back Cindy was crazy busy making copious amounts of sangas for a catering function. With that in mind I needed to get this review underway and it was time to choose a 🥧.

The selection of 🥧’s on offer here is terrific. Every 🥧 I was eye balling in the warmer looked superb. Danni suggested I give there scallop 🥧 a test drive. She mentioned it’s probably there most popular 🥧 sold here. So my decision was made.


1. Value for Money – $9 was more than acceptable for this scallop 🥧. While it wasn’t huge, it still was a standard size in diameter and depth. I’ve had a few scallop 🥧‘s on this Tassie tour so far and all of them have ranged from $7.90 to $12. So $9 for this one was very good and fair value. 9/10
2. Meat Ratio – Excellent !! 95% full. Only a bit here and there could have been used to fill the gabs but overall very good. 9.5/10
3. Flavour – Great !!! The scallops were fresh, the curry mix was perfect. Very basic flavour but very effective. Great job !!! Throughly enjoyed this one. 9/10
4. Pastry – I loved the color of this 🥧 !!! I’m fact the color of all there 🥧’s looked amazing. The stability and shrinkage were first class as well. Only negative was the slight wet lines under the crust and on both sides of the 🥧. These were only minor but still clearly visible. This didn’t affect the taste of the pasty as it was very good. 8.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – A fraction hot. I did have to wait a minute or two for this bad boy to cool down. Nothing major though. 9.5/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 45.5/50 🥧🥧

This was a quality scallop 🥧. The scallops were fresh and the curry mix was perfect. I didn’t count the numbers of scallops in the 🥧 but there was more than enough. Only negatives were the wet lines on the pastry which can be common and a fraction more fill could have been added to this 🥧. Apart from that this was a really good 🥧 and easily rated in my top 3 scallop 🥧’s I’ve had on this tour thus far. The bakers have really done a good job with this 🥧.
As mentioned above this is a really classy place. We came back the next day and had fresh wraps and rolls and they were bloody beautiful. The food options are endless and your going to have some tuff decisions on what to order. Add this place to your list 🥧 lovers plus make sure you spend some quality time looking around town as there is so much to see and do here.

David, Cindy, Dannii and staff thanks for having me in. This was a really enjoyable review with salt of the earth people. The locals and tourists are so lucky to have this place and I’m truly thankful for your hospitality.

Our stay at the Mole Creek Caravan Park was EPIC !!! I’m going to say it was the best caravan park we have stayed at during this tour. It was quiet, clean and we had a brilliant spot right on the water. Cannot recommend this place enough, it’s a little piece of paradise and the owners are absolute LEGENDS !!!!