Daly River Mango Farm (Special Review) – Daly River NT

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Daly River Mango Farm

It’s been a crazy few weeks and a little while since I bought you guys up to speed with our NT 🥧 Tour. After leaving Douglas Daly and smashing those incredible homemade 🥧’s it was time to hit the road and make our way to the Daly River area.
We were only a few hours into our stay when I got a message from a lady named Pam. Pam mentioned that Ayla the caretaker at the Daly River Mango Farm had offered to make me a 🥧. That’s right she offered to make me one of her special homemade 🥧’s !!! Within a flash i was at the Mango Farm and ready to tuck in.
Ayla had made a fresh batch of 🥧’s that were sized between a party 🥧 and a normal sized 🥧. The pastry of these things looked amazing and the smell coming out of the lid was mouth watering.
Ayla informed me that these 🥧’s were filled with fresh buffalo, red wine, bone broth, thyme, garlic, onion salt and parmesan. The very first bite was heaven, words cannot explain the favour and mouth feel. You could easy taste every ingredient right up to the very last bite. The meat was super fresh and the red wine was the exact mix. The flavour was up there with the best I’ve tasted Great job 10/10
The pastry was a golden color, super crunchy, flakey and the stability was excellent. The pasty was perfect in every way 10/10
Overall this homemade 🥧 was sensational. Ayla 100% nailed the pasty and flavour. As mentioned above every bite was full of flavour and from memory I smashed about 5 of these bad boys. These 🥧’s were perfect !!!!
A massive thanks to Ayla from the Daly River Mango Farm for looking after us. Those 🥧’s she whipped up were out of this world and totally un-expected. The quality of those 🥧’s would give most bakers a decent run for there money. Once again I wasn’t expecting to get a 🥧 in this area at all, so when Ayla reached out and made these specifically for me, I was blown away and felt very privledged.
Daly River was absolutely EPIC !!! Everything about this place was spectacular and then some. Even if you don’t have a boat there is still so much to see and explore. A huge thanks to the crew at the Banyan Farm – Daly River, our stay there was really good. The park itself is very clean, on the water and the meals were excellent. Add this area to your list guys you won’t be disappointed.
This Sunday night I will be posting my first international 🥧 review. When we were in Bali a few weeks ago, I visited Gimme Pies. This place is legendary in Bali and I cannot wait to share this review with you guys.