Cottage Bakery – Scottsdale TAS

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Cottage Bakery

Our time on the East Coast was awesome, but sadly the weather wasn’t, so we decided to leave St Helens and make our way towards Scottsdale then onto Launceston. I’d been given a tip on a cracking bakery in Scottsdale named Cottage Bakery. Prior to arriving in Scottsdale we spent a few days exploring Pyengana and Derby. The Pub in the Paddock Pyengana defiantly was the highlight, but I had 🥧’s on my mind.

On arrival to Scottsdale I went into the bakery and lined up a time to pop in and meet the team. One of the bakers Steve I’d met before, this legend showed me the ropes in the BAA bakery at the Royal Easter Show last year. Steve introduced me the owner Steve (another Steve) this champion fella along with his wife Vanessa have owned this place for the past 8 years, Steve also worked for the previous owners (the other Steve’s parents) for 23 years prior to that !!!! Over 30 odd years in the one bakery now that’s pretty incredible.

Employing 24 odd staff and open 6 days a week this bakery is super old school. It’s located right next to Woolworth’s in the centre of town so you cannot miss it. Out the back is where the action is and it’s all hands on deck. This bakery pumps out some serious numbers. All these 🥧’s coming out of the oven were starting to make my mouth drool and I couldn’t wait to get started.

Steve (owner) had a smorgasbord of 🥧’s ready for me to try. I tried both of his scallop flavors (curry and mornay) both were sensational and bloody cheap, but i really wanted to try one of Steve’s favorites and that was the “Chunky Steak and Pepper” Those that know me well will soon realize that “Chunky Steak and Pepper” 🥧‘s are my go to 🥧‘s. This one smelt and looked incredible.


1. Value for Money – $5.80 was dirt cheap !! This was a very generous sized 🥧 in width and diameter. Excellent value !!! 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – Photos will clearly show this 🥧 was jammed packed. Totally full, with huge chunks of slow cooked tender meat. Zero complaints here, superb meat ratio. 10/10
3. Flavour – All these fancy words won’t do this 🥧 any justice. The taste of this 🥧 was incredible. Huge chucks of slow cooked marinated meat, Worcestershire sauce, and cracked pepper. The meat in particular just melted in your mouth. Absolutely loved it !!! 10/10
4. Pastry – Top, bottom and side bakes were all cooked to perfection. The color and stability were also of the highest quality. The 🥧 didn’t have time to move, as I was smashing it down so quickly. The overall pasty of this 🥧 was perfect. 10/10
5. Serving Temperature – I was hoping this temp was perfect as I wasn’t waiting one second to get started and lucky for me it was !!!! Perfect temp 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 50/50 🥧🥧

This was the perfect 🥧 in every way. Everything about it was that good I had two of them just to double check. The price was cheap, totally full, flavour was sensational as was the pastry. To top it off the serving temperature was also spot on. Easily the best 🥧 I’ve had on tour so far. I’m going to say it’s the best “chunky steak and pepper” 🥧 I’ve ever had. Cottage Bakery welcome to the perfect score club. Great job and thoroughly deserved.

With a score of 50/50 you would be off your rocker if you don’t pop into this place and try one of those weapons for yourself. As previously mentioned this is a old school bakery that has absolutely everything you could ask for. The front counter staff are super friendly and have the cabinets totally stocked up with a huge range of goodies.

Steve, Vanessa and the entire team a huge thanks for having me in. This was a epic review and certainly one I will remember for a while. The baking experience out the back in the engine room is off the chats and this clearly shows in their products. Steve (owner) is one of the most laid back and genuine fellas I’ve met.

Scottsdale is a long way from Tewantin but don’t worry I will be back. All the best in the future, your 🥧’s rock.
This whole area has been awesome. Pyengana, Derby, Legerwood has so much to see and explore. Free camps galore plus like most things is Tassie everything super close and not that far away.