Cooktown Bakery – Cooktown QLD

Cooktown Bakery

After smashing a couple of homemade 🥧’s from Mt Carbine Roadhouse we turned around and headed for Cooktown. I didn’t know what to expect there as I knew very little about the place, but the one thing so many people told me to expect was WIND !!! And gee they weren’t wrong. The whole time we were there it blew its absolute ring out.
The best part about the caravan park we were staying at was the location. We were a stones throw from the pub and most importantly the bakery was even closer. This is where I met owner Jana and her son Mark.
Jana has been operating the bakery here for about 20 years but approximately eighteen months ago her prized possession burnt to the ground and it was a miracle know one was killed or seriously hurt. Instead of kicking stones, Jana rebuilt quickly and moved to the bakery/cafe to its current location and the locals and tourists are grateful she did.
Open Mon – Fri 6am to 4pm and Sat half day, this bakery/cafe has every food option you could ever ask for and more.
The selection of 🥧’s here was great, but I was only here to try one 🥧 and one 🥧 only !!!That’s Cooktown’s famous “Boss Hog”. So many locals told me that this was the 🥧 I should road test while I was here.
1. Value for Money – At $6.50 this was great value. This was a very generous sized 🥧 and weighed in at 346grams. Zero issues here. 9/10
2. Meat Ratio – Once again excellent value for money. Photos don’t lie and it will clearly show this 🥧 was full and nearly overflowing. 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – The “Boss Hog” was like nothing I’ve tried before. Fresh potato, slow cooked stringy pork and assorted veggies !!! Plus Mark throws in his secret sauce for added flavor. It’s little wonder this flavored 🥧 is their best seller. Great job Mark, terrific flavor 9/10
4. Pastry – The bottom and sides were a little brittle and that could have been because – 1) the 🥧 was fresh out of the own and needed more time to cool and 2) This 🥧 was heavy and weighed almost 350 grams. There was a wet line on the base of the 🥧, but overall it wasn’t to bad. 6.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – A smidge hot, but to be fair these bad boys were freshly baked. Overall pretty good. 9/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 43.5/50 🥧🥧
The “BOSS HOG” gets the BIG 👍‘a up from me. This was an extremely different 🥧 I was used to, but highly effective. This 🥧 was pretty bloody heavy and full of flavor. The potato on top was beautifully cooked as was the slow cooked stringy pork. I’m not sure what Mark’s secret sauce was, but gee it hit the spot. This little bakery/cafe is a little beauty. Heaps and heaps of seating and under cover too (away from the wind 😂) plus while your there you’ve gotta try Jana’s biggest selling item the legendary “Chicken Pops” these things are insane and highly addictive and are worth the visit alone.
As always a huge thanks to Jana, Mark and all the staff for their patience and hospitality. This is a real family owned business which i absolutely love. Three generations of family members working in this place at the same time, now that pretty cool. After the heartache of that devastating fire Jana could have easily set off in the sunset and retired, but the biggest drive for re-opening was her love for the community and she didn’t want to leave this town without a bakery/cafe.
Cooktown and the nearby surrounding areas exceeded all our expectations. The Cooktown Shire Council has done a sterling job. The whole town particularly the main street is littered with so much historical information. The esplanade is also beautiful with heaps of room to park and explore. It’s 100% worth the stop over.