Buninyong Bakehouse & Cafe – VIC

Buninyong Bakehouse & Cafe

After leaving Ballarat we made our way towards our last stop before we hit the “Spirit of Tasmania” We had the short drive down to Lara to catch up with friends we hadn’t seen in almost 15 years.

Before we arrived in Lara we made a quick stop at the little town of Buninyong, it was only a short drive from Ballarat. While I was in Ballarat, i received a tip on a cracking little bakery that has this new 🥧 called the “Mixed Grill”
Buninyong Bakehouse Cafe is located in Learmonth street and is open 7 days a week. The bakery is massive in size and has more than enough seating to relax and enjoy the copious amounts of food on offer.

The lady who served man, ran through all the 🥧 options on offer. She also mentioned the “Mixed Grill” 🥧 and highly recommended I give it a go. This was the same flavored 🥧 several punters tipped me a few days earlier in Ballarat.


1. Value for Money – $5.30 was outstanding value for this 🥧. This wasn’t a massive 🥧, but at that insane price it didn’t matter. It’s not often I see a 🥧 priced under $5.30 and this one was worth every cent. 10/10
2. Meat Ratio – Really good, almost jammed packed. As mentioned above this 🥧 wasn’t huge and the egg did take up a fair slab of the fill. But in all fairness it was nearly full apart from a chuck out of one corner. 9.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – check this out !!! Steak, bacon, pork sausage, chicken, egg, cheese and onion. Mixed with a gravy sauce and a smidge on tomato relish. The flavor was terrific !!! but in my opinion the only negative was the egg did consume a large part of the overall flavor and did overshadow the rest of these glorious ingredients. 8/10
4. Pastry – The top bake, color, shape and shrinkage were all first class. The 🥧 didn’t move a muscle during the whole experience. The only negative side was the side and bottom bakes had wet lines and were underbaked. 7.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – The serving temp is so important and these guys nailed it. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 45/50 🥧🥧

Apart from a few minor points that could easy be tweaked, this was a really nice 🥧. The price was ridiculously cheap and the 🥧 was 95% full. What I did love was the plethora of ingredients that made up this 🥧, however in my opinion the egg did consume a lot of the overall flavor. Some punters may enjoy the prominent egg flavor, but I wanted to taste more of the other epic ingredients that filled the rest of this 🥧. In saying that I would easily come back and try another one of these 🥧 in a heartbeat. These guys have come up with a real pearler here.

This bakery is a little beauty. The bread we purchased was exceptional and I’ve gotta mention the hot chips that were on offer, gee wiz they smelt insane and every man and his dog was buying a bag. The last thing I needed after nearly eating two 🥧’s was a bag of hot chips, temptation almost got me. It was a real shame I didn’t get to meet the owners Katrina and Ashley but like most places I’ve visited i will be back. Add this bakery to your little black book, you won’t be disappointed.

Buninyong is a beautiful little town with so much on offer and if you venture a short drive further south out you will find a stunning water fall named Lal Lal Falls, it’s 100% worth having a look. The day we were there the water was pouring down the ravine.