Buck’s Bakery – Landsborough

Bucks Bakery

There was a different feel driving to this weeks 🥧 review, I felt like a kid many years ago waking up Xmas morning !!! To say I was a tad excited was a huge understatement. I was heading out to Landsborough to review a bakery that’s taken 12 months to book in. I’m talking about the legendary Bucks Bakery.

Situated in Cribb Street and just down the road from the pub you cannot miss this place. Owners Tim & Paula have had this place for over 7 years and over this time has given this bakery a huge face lift, in turn turning this bakery into a communal place where locals can meet enjoy each other’s company and smash copious amounts of 🥧’s.

Tim’s journey to Bucks Bakery is incredible he’s been there done everything !!!! Starting in the mines, then owning the local IGA for many years then eventually taking over this bakery. Along the journey Tim has had two other passions !!! Horse Racing and Rugby. Tim has coached Rugby Union at representative, club and schoolboy footy all over the coast and Brisbane. To this day Tim enjoys a punt and still has several horses running around at various race tracks.

Not long after taking over Tim, talked one of his old staff from the IGA Dannii into joining at the bakery as his manager and 7 years later this place is a serious 🥧 production line !!! Employing 22 staff plus 4 bakers and 1 apprentice.

After chatting rugby & horse racing it was finally time to get this review under way and choose a 🥧. The list to choose from was extensive and overwhelming. I thought this was going to be a difficult decision, then suddenly Tim asked me if i liked “Cheeseburgers” well who doesn’t !!! Seriously this bloke had me a cheese and I couldn’t wait to get this party started.

🥧🥧🥧 THE REVIEW 🥧🥧🥧

1. Value for Money – Excellent value at $5.70 !!!! The ingredients were of the highest quality, plus the 🥧 was a terrific round size and depth was satisfactory. 8.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Absolutely full of chunky steak !!!! these guys fully loaded this beauty and it was bursting at the seams !!!! 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – For a moment I thought I was sitting at the Golden Arches !!! This dead set tasted like a real cheese burger but WAY better !!!! Everything was a spot on match. The meat was incredibly tender and chunky, the cheese was melted perfectly and the pickles tipped this flavor over the edge !!! Loved It !!! 10/10
4. Pastry – Absolutely superb !! Golden and flakey on top, while the bottom was firm and full of flavor. This 🥧 was heavy and bursting at the seems but the base held firm and stood the test of time. This pastry was very very good. 9.5/10
5. Temperature – Dead set straight out of the 🥧 warmer and into my gob !!! Zero complaints. Perfect temperature. 10/10

🥧🥧 Overall Rating 48/50 🥧🥧

This Cheeseburger 🥧 was OUTSTANDING !!!!! It was literally gone in about 5 bites. I’m giving it 5 massive AWESOMES !!!! Give me one of these buggers any day of the week over the original cheeseburger. The standout was the flavor and the tenderness of the chucks of meat. The pastry was also of the highest quality, making this 🥧 a absolute beauty.

This bakery is a gem and a MUST stop, just ask Margaret and Betty. These 2 amazing women have been coming here every fortnight for many many years. The place has heaps of parking, plenty of table space to relax and the outdoor area is littered with funky signs and memorabilia. Also it’s open 7 days a weeks so it doesn’t matter what day you lob the grub is going to taste fresh and delicious.

Owner Tim and manager Dannii a huge appreciation and thanks for having me in and allowing me to share your journey. It’s taken me 12 months to get in and do this review but the wait was well and truly worth it. These 2 literally have their arses hanging out !!!! This place is Grand Central Station busy. I was there on a slow day and it was pumping. So to spend a hour with Tim and hear his passion for 🥧’s, his staff, his community is a real inspiration. Tim what you have achieved in business is incredible. Then throw in the thousands of hours you’ve done coaching young men playing the sport they love.

I need to send out a huge G’Day to Margaret and Betty. What a pair of troopers !!!! I did make one promise if Margaret brings all the crew from the retirement village to the bakery for Pyney’s 🥧 Day I will be there and serve them !!! So see you on the 14th of March ladies !!!!!!

Landsborough is one of my favorite hinterland communities. It’s a place you visit once and suddenly your drawn back again and again. The town is extremely clean and very picturesque. Next time your cruising along the Steve Irwin Way don’t forget Landsborough and defiantly don’t forget Buck’s Bakery.