Bruns Bakery – Brunswick Heads NSW

Bruns Bakery

Brunswick Heads or as the locals call is “Bruns” is only small, but gee this place can get busy and the locals and tourists flock to two main hang outs, the famous Brunswick Hotel and the Bruns Bakery.

The bakery is situated right in the centre of town. Kurt and Mel have owned the place for almost 6 years. The bakery itself has been around for a long time, with fire destroying the original building way back In the 1920’s then re-opening again in 1950. When Kurt and Mel bought the place they gutted the joint fully renovated and extended the shop.

This place oozes class, the thing that stands out is the open work space that allows the punters to watch the bakers go about their business. This bakery is a well oiled machine with over 28 staff in total (nine bakers, pastry chefs and front of counter staff) and the best part it’s open every day bar Christmas Day. If your a genuine pastry and sweat tooth this bakery is better than Disneyland. Yes, I was there for the 🥧‘s but my eyes were going ballistic gazing over the countless varieties of cakes and other goodies.

Before I set foot into this bakery I knew exactly what 🥧 I was going to smash. The day before the review, I was at the pub having a few🍺‘s and a couple of locals gave me the tip and insisted I give the “Chunky Curry” a go. One even went as far to say, it was the best curried 🥧 he’d ever had. The one thing you learn when your traveling is “when a local gives you advice you listen” so with that in mind the “Chunky Curry” was the 🥧 of choice for this weeks review.


1. Value for Money – $6.20 was excellent value for money. The size was ✅ and the shape was also ✅. As most 🇦🇺‘s are aware the cost of living has massively increased over the past 12 months, meat in particular. So a 🥧 of this size around the $6 to $6.50 range is worth every cent. 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – The bakers at this joint are no tight arses !!! This 🥧 was completely full. 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – listen to this -Brown onions, Garlic, Tomato paste, Diced slow
cooked beef, Water, Salt, Veg stock, Turmeric, Sweet paprika, Ginger, Cumin, Sugar, Chilli powder,
Cracked pepper, Vinegar !!! Seriously best curry flavored 🥧 I’ve ever had !!! With every bite you could taste every single ingredients listed. Simply outstanding, no more words required. 10/10
4. Pastry – Shape ✅, colour ✅ shrinkage ✅, stability ✅ were all we superb. The pastry had a beautiful butter flavor to it. Overall this was sensational. 9.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – This temp was perfect. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧🥧 49/50 🥧🥧🥧

Hands down the best curry flavored 🥧 I’ve ever had. The flavor in this 🥧 was mind blowing and totally different to anything I’ve ever experienced. The pastry was glorious and price tag was also on point. To top it off the 🥧 was filled with huge chucks of meat and mince. It was that good I came back the next day to have another one just to confirm I wasn’t dreaming.

This bakery is simply stunning. The place has a real industrial feel about it and cabinet display is next level. Everything about this place is first class, your going to have huge troubles making a decision here because there’s countless options to choose from. This place isn’t just a bakery it’s a experience and I’m so glad I’ve finally experienced it.
You wouldn’t meet a nicer couple then Kurt and Mel. Another young couple having a crack in the small business sector and excelling. The work they do around raising money for the local community is outstanding. They created Bruns Bakery Annual Donut Float.

An event created to celebrate the Bakery’s birthday, bring the community together and raise funds for the local Surf Life Saving Club. The event saw over 700 participants in inflatable donuts cruise down Simpson Creek in Brunswick Heads. The event has raised over 15k for their local Surf Life Saving Club !!! That’s bloody outstanding 🍩. Thanks heaps guys for your hospitality and the inconvenience of the camera crew taking over your business for a few hours.
Brunswick Heads is stunning, I was a first timer here and defiantly will be coming back. A special thanks to Dan, Jarrod and crew from Reflections Holiday Parks Massy Greene. The park is situated right on the river and a stones throw from town. Plus the boys looked after us with a ripping site, this place is a must stay while your here.