Brumby’s – Katherine NT

Brumby’s Katherine

After leaving Mataranka on cloud nine, the 🥧 tour continued further north. Next stop was Katherine and I had two things on my mind !!! More glorious 🥧’s and of course Katherine’s biggest attraction “Katherine Gorge” Sadly one was a massive and I mean MASSIVE let down.
So let’s start with the positives. Katherine Gorge was simply “OUTSTANDING” the high cliffs, beautiful water ways and the gorge itself was mesmerizing.
We did the lookout walk, the 2 hour boat cruise and the chopper flight all in the one day. Words cannot describe the beauty of this place. To see the sheer volume of water running through this place in the wet season would be remarkable.
The only disappointment was we chose the two hour boat cruise and looking back I wish we did the four hour one. The two hour was incredible, but sadly wasn’t long enough. The scenery in this tour was first class and highly recommended.
Ok let’s discuss the BAD !!!! Unfortunately Katherine doesn’t have a family owned bakery in town, so the only option was the local Brumby’s franchise in the Woolworths complex. I haven’t had a Brumby’s 🥧 before so I thought why not give this joint a crack plus it was two days since my last 🥧, so I was having slight withdraw systems.
I wanted something simple to review and was learning ton one of my favorites, so I went there chasing a Chunky Steak & Pepper 🥧. My first inspection of my 🥧had immediate alarm bells running through my mind !!!
Remember old mate Albino 🥧 from the Uluru Cultural Centre a few weeks earlier, well I was positive the shop assistant just chose its twin brother for me to review. Anyway I knew I had to man up and get started.
1. Value for Money – Look $5.20 was fairly reasonable from a first look. It was a average size in diameter and depth was ok. But sadly, I didn’t get my value for money in this 🥧. (Refer flavor and pastry) In this instance 4/10 was a generous score.
2. Meat Ratio – 💩💩 HOUSE !!! Only half full !! Say no more. 5/10
3. Meat Flavour – Sadly I didn’t get to taste much of the flavor. This was due to two reasons. 1 – There was NO flavor in this 🥧 and 2- The crows had most of my 🥧. 2/10
4. Pastry – TRAIN WRECK !!!! After about three bites, the arse end of my 🥧 fell out and went two places !!! Half landed on the my leg and burnt the F$&K out of my inner thigh !!! The second half landed on the road. About 3/4 of this 🥧 wasn’t even cooked 🤮.
5. Temperature – 🔥🔥 HOT !!!! Just ask my leg !!!! This thing was bloody hot !!!! Even the crows would have had to wait ten minutes before eating this thing. 2/10
Overall Rating 🥧🥧13/50 🥧🥧
My first Brumby’s 🥧 experience was horrendous !!!! Unfortunately there was no positives in this review. The pastry was easily the worst I’ve ever had, it was literally raw !!!! How ever the Lamington I had was pretty good.
Lets not dwell on the negatives any longer, let’s get back to the positives. The “Katherine Gorge” is a ABSOLUTE must visit !!! I need to give a shout out to two legends (our boat tour guide & our chopper pilot) I cannot remember there names, but both blokes were ripping fellas and extremely informative.
Apart from the 💩🥧 our time in Katherine was awesome. A huge thanks to the staff at the information center and the local businesses folk of Katherine for their hospitality.