Brighton’s Best Bakehouse – Brighton TAS

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Brighton’s Best Bakehouse (Brighton Tas)

The Oatlands free camp was a great overnight place to camp, but the weather had turned to 💩 and we decided to head off early and get to Hobart. I’m learning very quickly that the Tasmanian weather can change four times in the hour, this time the wind was very bad making driving conditions a little dangerous.

We planned to spend a good week in the capital and get out and about exploring everything on offer. But before we got the the Hobart Showgrounds we made a slight detour into Brighton. I’d lined up a visit at one of Tasmania’s award winning bakeries and that place was Brighton’s Best Bakehouse.

Brighton and the bakery is located about 26km north of Hobart. The bakery was built in 1992 and current owners Scott and Tash took over the place back in 2007. What makes this story even more interesting is that Scott and Tash had ZERO baking experience when he took over this bakery. They ran a successful accounting practice, then decided to jump head first in the baking industry and him and Tash have never looked back.

This bakery is open 7 days a week and employs 23 staff. 6 of these staff are apprentices and that’s bloody outstanding. From the minute you walk into this place your going to be memorized by the cabinet display and the countless quality food options that fill them.

Speaking of options you should have seen the tray of 🥧‘s the team bought out. This review was going to be a dead set pieathlon !!! The crew literally bought out ten 🥧’s for me to try. This was going to be a mammoth task and I was certainly up for the challenge. One 🥧 however that did catch my my attention was the “BBQ Pulled Pork 🥧”. It looked and smelt terrific and that was the one I was going to review.


1. Value for Money – $7.50 is certainly up there, but this was a gourmet 🥧 and one of the highest quality. Both depth and diameter were more than satisfactory. I would have no hesitation paying $7.50 for a 🥧 of this standard again. 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Photos clearly show this 🥧 was FULL FULL FULL !!!! Great job. 10/10
3. Flavour – Listen to this – Pork shoulder rubbed with smoked paprika , turmeric and black cracked pepper. Then slow cooked for 10 hours in Jim beam bourbon with Tabasco Sauce and smoked bbq sauce. The flavour in this 🥧 was something else. Beautiful job guys. Loved every minute of it. 10/10
4. Pastry – Top color, stability and shape were all very good. Top bake was fluffy and had exceptional flavour. The bottom pastry was a smidge on the pale side but more than satisfactory. The only issue was the shrinkage one the top bake, this was only minor but still clearly evident. Apart from this minor indiscretion this pasty was very very good. 9.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect temp. This 🥧 was gone in about five bites. 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 49/50 🥧🥧

Apart from a few minor blemishes on the pastry side, this was almost the perfect 🥧. The flavour was the CLEAR standout. I couldn’t get enough of it. The rich JB sauce was sensational and was a lovely touch. The 🥧 was full, the serving temperature was spot on and the price tag was on que. Awesome stuff Jamie, you have nailed this one buddy. Second favourite on this list was the butter chicken !!!! It was sensational.

Add this place to your every growing bakery list. Everything about this place oozes class. If you think the 🥧’s were divine the cakes and pastries are out of this world. The biggest decision your going to have is what product not to buy. One thing is guaranteed your going to have a very bad food day the moment you walk into this place !!! I certainly did.
Scott, Crystal, Jamie and the entire team at the bakery a huge thanks for having me in. This bakery is a well oiled machine and that clearly shows in your exceptional products. One thing that clearly stood out, was everyone in this place knows their roll and executes that with exact precision. Another was the invested interest Scott has with his apprentices and the opportunities he gives them to be the best. Apprentices are a key ingredient in the baking industry moving forward and this bakery is giving these apprentices every opportunity to shine.