Brighton Jetty Bakery – Brighton SA

Brighton Jetty Bakehouse

After spending a epic night at the Farrell Flat Hotel sadly it was time to say goodbye to our travel friends and make our back into Adelaide. We decided to spend our last few days in South Australia down on at the beach front suburb at Brighton. The ladies at the Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park gave us a prime spot right on the beachfront which was greatly appreciated.

As soon we arriveded back in Adelaide I was jumped straight on the phone to my 🥧 contact Michael. I called him to see if there was any bakeries close by that was worth the visit. He jumped on the phone and lined me up a review at the nearby
Brighton Jetty Bakery.

The bakery located on Jetty Road Brighton, down the water end of the street. Upon arrival I was greeted by owners David and Dahlia, these absolute superstars have been at this place for the past 11 years. This power couple had no baking experience when taking over, but were guided by David’s father John who has been a baker for many many years. Dahlia actually completed her teaching degree but soon after ditched the pencils for 🥧’s and hasn’t looked back.

Employing nearly 27 staff and open 7 days a week this place gets insanely busy. Another bakery with a super impressive cabinet display, this bakery has everything you could ask for plus much more. I’ve visited many bakeries over my time but this joint has the smallest baking area I’ve probably seen. I’m not sure how they get by, but gee it’s impressive watching the crew go about their business. Also the work area is quite open and in the full view of the public, so you can see the baking team create the magic.

After eyeballing every single item getting made fresh, it was time to head over to the warmer and choose a 🥧 for this weeks review. The selection on offer is massive including a small glueton free range. After taking what seemed like an erternity to make a decision, i eventually went with “Steak & Shiraz”


1. Value for Money – $6.50
represented pretty good value. Standard size in both diameter and height plus this 🥧 was a decent weight as well. 8.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – Totally Full 10/10

3. Flavour – Quite simple really !!! Slow cooked chunky beef, shiraz then mixed in a rich gravy sauce. The flavour in this 🥧 was beautiful and the added shiraz was quite powerful and completely made this 🥧. Great job. 9/10

4. Pastry – Shape, shrinkage and color all acceptable. Top and bottom thickness was ok, but the bottom and top bakes needed more time in the oven and were slightly underdone. The overall flavour of the pasty was quite nice. 7/10

5. Serving Temperature – No issoes here 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 44.5/50 🥧🥧

This was a terrific product. The flavour in this 🥧 was beautiful. I loved the added shiraz and the rich gravy sauce. The price point was also more than acceptable and the 🥧 was totally full. Only real negatives was the top and bottom bakes, but this is something that can easy be fixed. Overall I thoughly enjoyed this 🥧. Great job.

Once again a massive thanks to David and Dahlia for having me in. These guys are super relaxed and have created a epic vibe in this bakery. The staff are happy, vibrant and that’s a true reflection of the leadership and culture David and Dahlia have installed in this bakery. This place is yet another bakery you need to add to your travel plans. It’s a absolute belter.

Our stay at Brighton and more particularly the caravan park was awesome. The park is right on the water and was very well priced. It was also a short stroll down to jetty, shops, pubs etc. This part of SA is 100% worth the look.