Bourke Street Bakery

2023 🥧 Tour
Review no 50
Bourke Street Bakery
(Barangaroo NSW)

A few weeks ago i made quick trip to Sydney for a few meetings plus I had my eye on visiting a couple of bakeries in Sydney CBD area whilst I was there. On the Thursday morning I had a little bit time up my sleeve and decided to go for a walk down the new Barangaroo precinct.

After walking around for a bit I stumbled on Bourke Street Bakery. The first thing that caught my eye was the amount of people queed up waiting to be served.

The bakery itself is located at 23 Barangaroo Ave and is one of many Bourke Street Bakery stores located around Sydney. This store was fairly tiny, but was super impressive particularly the cabinet display that oozed class.

As soon as glanced over the menu I knew immediately what I was going to have. This was a easy choice for me and I went with the “beef brisket, mushroom and red wine” There’s nothing better than brisket and red wine !!!


1. Value for Money – $8 is certainly up there in price, but I had to remind myself I was smack bang in the Sydney CBD and the 🥧 itself was a fairly decent size. I wouldn’t have any issues paying the $8 price tags again. 9/10

2. Meat Ratio – 95% full and choc a block full of brisket chunks too. Maybe a little more could have been squeezed under the lid but overall very good. 9.5/10

3. Flavour – Really good !!!! The brisket chunks were massive and they were cooked beautifuly. The mushroom pieces were also a decent size and tasted great. The red wine sauce was the highlight for me hands down. I really enjoyed the overall flavour of this 🥧 !!! Great job guys. 9.5/10

4. Pastry – Everything about this pasty was great except for the stability. After a couple of bites the bottom pastry was under immense pressure and it then became extremely tricky to finish the 🥧 without it falling apart. The bakes were great and the pasty had incredible flavour, however the stability let this score down a little. 8/10

5. Serving Temperature – This bugger was bloody 🔥 and I had to wait several minutes before taking my first bite. 7.5/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 43.5/10 🥧🥧

Apart from a few minor issues that can easily be fixed, this was a nice product. The flavour in particular was stunning. You could taste every ingredient with every bite. The brisket chunks were huge and were cooked to perfectation and the red wine sauce was beautiful. The only negatives were the 🥧 was pipping 🔥 and the bottom pastry was unstable and started to fall apart. The pastry it self was really nice and baked through but the stability was a bit how’s your father. Overall I would have no hesitation having another one of these particular flavored 🥧’s !!!

100% add this particular bakery to your own list. As mentioned earlier Bourke Street Bakery have around 10 bakery locations around Sydney, so you cannot go wrong. The Barangaroo bakery was spotless clean, had a exceptional range of products and seating inside and out to sit and relax