Blue Edge Bakery – Bicheno TAS

Blue Edge Bakery

Our stay at Triabunna was spectacular, but once again it was time to move on and continue further up the East Coast. Our next destination was the Freycinet/Bicheno area and lucky for us the weather forecast for the upcoming days was going to be sensational !!!!

This was one area we were so looking forward to seeing and exploring, particularly the National Park and Bicheno blow hole. Another place I had my eye on was the Blue Edge Bakery Bicheno. A few of the locals tipped me this place and said not only were the 🥧’s epic but the place serves a wicked breakfast.

Blue Edge Bakery is located in the little town of Bicheno and is situated on the main road in and out of town, you cannot miss it. Apart from the bakery the town is known for the legendary “Lobster Shack”’ Lobsters are good but 🥧‘s are EPIC and the lobsters could wait.

Ian the owner has been at the helm for over 15 years. A chef by trade he has worked in many restaurants and vineyards across Tassie, but has now calls this place home. Don’t be fooled this joint is more than a bakery, it’s open 7 days a week and offers a excellent range of breakfast and lunch options. Julie tucked into a traditional bacon n eggs breakfast meanwhile yours truly was about to smash a breakfast for champions !!! A meat 🥧 !!! Doesn’t get any better than that.
Like most reviews here in Tassie, I’ve left the choice of 🥧 up to owner or bakers and this review was no different. Ian came up with a couple ripping of options. I tried his “chicken and camembert 🥧” which was outrageously good, but in the end we went with his highly successful “Curried Chicken 🥧”


1. Value for Money – At $6.50 this 🥧 was very reasonably priced. This was another oval/boat shaped 🥧, while it wasn’t massive in depth the overall size was more than satisfactory. 8/10
2. Meat Ratio – 95% full !!! Maybe a bit here and there but you would be very happy with the ratio of this one. 9.5/10
3. Flavour – Awesome !!! This wasn’t fancy, it was a basic chicken and curry 🥧. The chicken pieces were huge and super tender, while the curry sauce was beautiful without being overpowering. Great job guys !!! 9.5/10
4. Pastry – shape, color, stability and shrinkage were all very good. Top bake golden, flakey and was full of flavour. Only negative and this has been very common on the 🥧 tour so far, was the bottom bake was undercooked and had a wet line (photos will indicate) Apart from that the pastry was good. 8/10
5. Serving Temperature – Excellent !!! This 🥧 was consumed in about 6 bites !!! Great temp !! 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 45/50 🥧🥧

Ian has done a really good job with this one. As mentioned above the ingredients were so basic, but yet so highly effective. The flavor was excellent and the 🥧 didn’t move a muscle. The only major negative out of this whole experience was the bottom bake was underdone. Apart from that this was a bloody good 🥧.
If your visiting Bicheno or simply passing through town, this bakery is a must stop. All the food in the place looked incredible. If 🥧’s aren’t you go (couldn’t imagine why) there is a huge range of other breakfast and lunch items on the menu that will have you more than satisfied.

Ian a huge thanks for having me in. Once again my timing wasn’t great on this visit. We arrived right in the middle of the breakfast rush, but this legend still spend valuable time showing me around. Ian is a ripping fella who just rolls up his sleeves and works his butt off, I’m so great full for his hospitality and allowing me share his story.

Bicheno and Freycenit National Park was super impressive. The 11km hike to the lookout and Wineglass Bay was unbelievable. The weather has been hit and miss on this tour so far, but the weather gods turned on something special for us that day. We had 2 nights at the Freycenit Golf Club $10 a night !!! This was a safe and great location to make camp.