Bels Gordon St Bakery – Port Macquarie NSW

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Bels Gordon St Bakery

With the rain continuing and flood waters escalating quickly we decided to leave Urunga a few days early than expected and bolt another hour and a bit further south to Port Macquarie. Unfortunately I had to cancel my review in Urunga that meant I was on the lookout for a place to visit. After making some calls, I found myself on my way to Bels Gordon St Bakery.
Bels Gordon St Bakery is situated on one of the main streets of town (Gordon) and has been around for many years. Current owners Wayne and Belinda have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and haven’t shown any signs of slowing down. Wayne is a bloody legend. A local lad through and through, he started his apprenticeship in Port Macquarie and then eventually opening up his own joint. When he’s not in the baking or hanging with family you can find him surfing or watching his beloved Cronulla Sharks.
With a bakery this size you need a successful team and this place employs 18 staff (6 bakers) The product range and selections are endless. Whether your chasing 🥧‘s, cakes and other goodies you will find something to munch on. Also the bakery has a huge seating area to catch up with friends and chill out.
After listening to Wayne ramble on and on about how good his Sharks were going this year, it was time to get this party started and smash a few 🥧‘s.
Wayne must have thought I hadn’t had a feed for ages, because he bought out 🥧 after 🥧 and put them all on a serving board to choose from. Every single one looked incredible but to the fair there was one I had my eye on and the smell of this thing was insane. In the end I chose the “Cajun Pulled Beef” 🥧
1. Value for Money – $6.30 represented terrific value for money. The size and depth of this 🥧 was more than satisfactory. The cost of meat is going up faster than fuel prices, so with that in mind you’d be pretty happy with this 🥧. 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – This bad boy was just about full. Maybe a tad more could have been squeezed under the lid, but overall you’d be very happy with the quantity in this 🥧. 9.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – This was simply divine !!! Slow cooked pulled beef, smoked bacon, onion, coconut milk mornay sauce. To top it off Wayne’s team added “Dirty Digger” special cajun spices. I loved every bit of this flavor. Wayne’s team nailed this one !!! 10/10
4. Pastry – Easily the best part of this 🥧 and every 🥧 I tried during my visit. Although the top bake was ever so slightly undercooked, the bottom and sides were ✅. Stability was also on song and the 🥧 didn’t move ✅. The bottom bake was super thin and full of flavor and crunchy. Loved it ♥️ 9.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – Pretty good, maybe a smidge to 🔥, that meant, I had to wait 30 sec to start hooking in, but overall pretty good. 9/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 47.5/50 🥧🥧
I loved everything about this 🥧. Overall it was a very constant 🥧 and rated highly in all five of my scoring categories. The two standouts were the flavor and pastry. Wayne and his team absolutely nailed both of these. The base of the pasty was perfect as was the pastry’s flavor. The flavor was beautiful the meat was cooked perfectly. The Dirty Digger Sauces and spices were EPIC and completed this 🥧. I quickly need to share the story behind it.
Dale Randall is the owner of Dirty Digger Sauces based in Port Macquarie. Dirty Digger is named after his grandfathers brother (Bennett) who was killed in the first world war. He was a Light Horseman from Tamworth. It was in his Honour, and that of all the Diggers that gave their lives. The Dirty part was in relation to the filthy, squalid trenches they fought and lived in. What a amazing story particularly with Anzac Day tomorrow.
Wayne and Belinda a massive thanks for having me in and allowing me to share your journey. It’s no surprise you guys have a full trophy cabinet overflowing with awards, you run a exceptional operation and you are one of the leaders in the baking industry.
This bakery and Port Macquarie are 100% worth the visit. The whole area has so much to offer, from the picturesque beaches to the hinterland, you could easily spend a week in this place and still not see everything. We had a fabulous stay at the NRMA Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park. It was very clean and tidy and the location was a 10/10