Bargara Beach Bakehouse – Bargara QLD

Bargara Beach Bakehouse

This weeks 🥧 review is part 2 of our recent trip to Bargara Beach. After smashing the Jalepeno 🥧 a few days earlier, I was on the hunt for more 🥧’s and anther bakery to share their story to you guys. I didn’t have to look very far either, right in the main drag of Bargara you will find Bargara Beach Bakehouse.

Owners Leanne and Darryl have had this place for just over 5 years and this is another classic example of owners having diddly squat baking experience and having a massive crack. Leanne is a chef by profession and you name it she’s either baked it or or worked in it. Meanwhile Darryl has been driving Cane Trains for over 30 years and still continues to do so. What a bloody champion !!!! So when he’s not darting through the cane fields he’s in the bakery rallying the troops and getting the 🥧’s sorted.

As mentioned this place is right in the main drag and opposite the new pub you cannot miss it. As all good bakeries do, this place has a huge assortment of 🥧’s and other treats. They even supply the scones and muffins to the Lady Musgrave Experience guests. Trust me the scones are OUTSTANDING !!!! I had about 4 of them a few days earlier, anyway back to the review.

Choosing a 🥧 for this weeks review was bloody easy. After scrolling down the list I immediately saw the word Guinness Steak and knew this was the one was for me. Not only does Guinness taste awesome in a schooner glass I was about to find out if Guinness and 🥧 were a match made in heaven.

🥧🥧🥧 THE REVIEW 🥧🥧🥧

1. Value for Money – This was a gourmet 🥧 and at $6.50 this wasn’t bad value at all. It was a decent oval sized 🥧 and deep enough to warrant the $6.50 price tag. Over the last 12 months I’ve reviewed many gourmet 🥧’s and $6.50 is quite reasonable for a 🥧 of this quality. 8/10
2. Meat Ratio – Once again this 🥧 was pretty full. 9/10
3. Meat Flavour – The Guinness flavor was so so good. For a short time there I thought I was having a schooner in a Irish pub. The Guinness flavor wasn’t overpowering but just perfect. The meat chunks were a decent size as well and very tender. If I had to nit pick the 🥧 was a tad dry but as I said that’s really nit picking. 9/10
4. Pastry – The BEST !!!! Easily the best part of this pie. Everything from the top to the bottom was perfect. Topped of with the classic 5 eaf clover !!! Great touch !!! 10/10
5. Temperature – Almost perfect !!!! Didn’t have to wait long at all. 9/10

🥧🥧 Overall Rating 45/50 🥧🥧

I’m happy to say I’m giving my first Guinness Steak 🥧 a huge 👍’s up. It’s something different and something you’ve gotta try. The pastry for me was hands down the best part of this 🥧. If Guinness isn’t your normal go to pub drink, give a go you will be surprised. The Guinness flavor isn’t overpowering but just enough to draw you in. I’ve also gotta give the Parmi 🥧 a rapt too. It was bloody beautiful and worth try as well.

Open 7 days week and conveniently located this place is 100% worth a visit. From the 🥧’s to scones, to muffins to paddy cakes the hardest decision your going to have is what not to choose.

Leanne and Darryl you guys a bloody champions and thanks a million for having me in. I cold called these guys and without hesitation allowed me to pop in during a busy weekend and they were more than willing to spend time with me. This is another success story of non bakers rolling up their sleeves and having a serious crack in the baking industry. Plus this business is a serious family affair with Mum, dad, daughters, son in laws all pitching in and making there own contributions to this successful business.

As I mentioned in last weeks review Bargara is a cracking joint. You can be as busy as you want with countless activities on hand or simply put your feet up and relax and do nothing. The esplanade itself it really funky and the local council has done a terrific job. The whole broad walk has, ample tables, seating, exercise areas and a ripping playground for all the little and perhaps big kids to enjoy. A huge shout out to the Bargara locals for their hospitality.