Banjo’s Bakery – Warana QLD

Banjo’s Bakery Warana

After weeks and weeks on the road it was a breath of fresh air to be back on the Sunny Coast and doing a lining up a local review. This review was going to be a little different though, I had roped in in a couple of experts to give me a hand. I called in the big guns from the Hot 91 morning crew Sam Coward & Ash Gierke Radio jocks turned 🥧 critics !!!
As you guys know this wasn’t my first “rodeo” but it was Sam and Ash’s, so I kindly offered to let this radio royalty duo choose the venue. The venue of choose was Banjo’s Bakery Cafe and a place I’ve visited many many times.
Banjos Bakery Group have been around for many years and Derek and Natasha have had this Warana location for just a tad over 5. Open every day except Xmas Day, this bakery is a one stop shop for all your sweat and savory cravings.
Derek started with Banjos as a 17 year old, while Natasha worked in pubs before she began her Banjo career back in 2012. The apple islanders moved around a little bit before finally settling on the Sunshine Coast.
After getting the tour of the joint, it was finally time to get started. Natasha & Derek had three 🥧’s ready for us to get stuck into. Me and Ash put our hands up to smash the Cape Grim Beef, Bacon & Cheese, while Sam was seafood bound and was about the tackle the Curried Tasmanian Scallop 🥧. Both looked in incredible.
1. Value for Money – $6.50 represents ok value for this 🥧, but you can grab two 🥧’s for $11.50 which is bloody great value. This score was based on the individual purchase only. 8/10
2. Meat Ratio – Outstanding value !!!! This 🥧 was completely full 10/10
3. Meat Flavour – Terrific !! Everything about this flavor was spot on. The cheese and bacon quantity was superb. The meat was plentiful and also cooked right through. Very good flavor 9/10
4. Pastry – The base and top were cooked pretty good, but the sides were a tad think and undercooked. The color and shape were perfect as was the actual flavor of the pastry. The stability was also satisfactory and the 🥧 didn’t move one it move. 8/10
5. Temperature – A smidge too🔥 but to be fair the 🥧 came straight out of the oven and I was a super keen to smash it. 9.5/10
Overall Rating 🥧🥧 44.5/50 🥧🥧
I’ve had a few cheese n bacon 🥧’s over my time and this one was right up the top of the list. It was pretty bloody good !!!! I loved the inter-grated cheese and bacon top, this was easily the best part for me. The bacon pieces were cooked to perfection while the cheese was a perfect blend. Another stand out was the meat ratio, this 🥧 was completely full.
Big Sam smoked the Curried Tasmanian Scallap 🥧, in about 4 bites. He gave this thing a huge 5 👍’s up. Every 🥧’s has 6 fresh Tasmanian scallops, cannot best that.
Once again a huge thanks to Natasha and Derek for allowing me to share their story. I’m fairly positive they ran out of 🥧’s after letting me and Sam run riot. These 2 are Banjo’s through and through and Banjo’s head office should be extremely great full to have these 2 legends running such a successful ship. Operating a small business can be difficult and present numerous challenges, but it can also be extremity rewarding if your prepared to slug away and put in the hard yards and this bakery is a perfect example of this.
I wanna send out a massive thanks to my 2 guest reviewers Sam and Ash. They absolutely smashed it and took to the challenge like Pros.