Banana Boogie Bakery – Belair SA

Banana Boogie Bakery

This is part 2 of our stay in Brighton Beach and my very last review I did on this incredible 🥧 tour. After smashing a few 🥧’s at the Brighton Jetty Bakery, I jumped in the luxy and made my way up to the Adelaide suburb of Belair. I was on my way to one of Adelaide’s finest bakeries and a place that was won many many awards. I was referring to the legendary Banana Boogie Bakery

Banana Boogie Bakery is located on main road in the Adelaide suberb of Belair. This bakery is very funky and as soon as you pull up your greeted by the vibrant yellow colors. Owner Jason has had this place since 2015 and has been in the baking game since around 1998.

Open 6 days a week and employing over 20 staff this place oozes class and it’s no fluke that this bakery has won countless awards at national levels for many years. Only 2 weeks ago Jason and his team of bakers took out the top gong for “best plain meat 🥧” and “Gourmet Pastie” at the Baking Associations National Trade Show. Early this year they also took at best “Hot Cross Bun” at another industry event. As soon as I stepped into this place I knew this was going to be a great review.

Another bakery with an impressive cabinet display but more importantly the cabinets were completely full. The whole time in was there the staff kept on reloading the shelves with some of the best cakes and sweets I’ve ever layed eyes on. Seriously SA has got to be the doughnut capital of 🇦🇺 and this joint was out of control. I had to walk away several times to re-gather my thoughts and focus on the real reason I was here and that was for the 🥧’s.

Over 14 different varieties to choose from, I knew straight away I had a difficult decision. This was my last SA review and I wanted to go out with a bang. The selection of gourmet 🥧’s on the menu was pretty impressive but in the end I choose something totally left field and that was the “Tuscan Chicken” I’ve never actually had one of these particular flavored 🥧’s before, so to say I was excited was a massive understatement.


1. Value for Money – $6.70
represented pretty decent value for a 🥧 of this size. It wasn’t overly big in the depth department but the diameter of this thing was decent. Plus this 🥧 would easily be in the gourmet bracket and $6.70 for a gourmet 🥧 of this size is great value. 9.5/10

2. Meat Ratio – Not bad, but a little bit more could have been squeezed in the top left and just under the lid. Nothing major but more full could have been added. 8.5/10

3. Flavour – Simply outstanding !!! The flavour was the best part of this 🥧 by the length of the straight. Decent size chicken pieces, sun dried tomatos, green olives, basil, oeagano bathed in a creamy sauce. Every bite got better and better. Excellent job guys 10/10

4. Pastry – Color was up there with the best I’ve seen and the shape and shrinkage was almost perfect. Both top and bottom bakes were almost perfect with the top bake ever so slightly underdone. Pastry thickness was slightly on the thick side but once again this only very marginal. The flavour this pasty has was terrific. Overall almost perfect. 9/10

5. Serving Temperature – No issoes here 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 47/50 🥧🥧

The team has done a sterling job on this one. Only a few minor points to work on but nothing that cannot be fixed. The positives were a plenty especially the flavour. Every bite was devine and I didn’t want the experience to end. The pasty and price point were also very good. Overall I could have easily smashed 3 of these. Highly recommended. Great job team.

As always these reviews wouldn’t be possible without the help and cooperation from the owners and bakers and this review was no different. Jason is a busy man and a absolute ripping fella. Whilst running around the bakery with his bum hanging out he still found the time to hang out for a while and share his baking journey. This is a quality bakery and a place you 100% NEED to add to your own 🥧 plans. Get in early though as the crowds can get out of control and you might miss out.

As mentioned in the last review our 3 day stay at Brighton and more particularly the caravan park was awesome. The park is right on the water and was very well priced. It was also a short stroll down to jetty, shops, pubs etc. This part of SA is 100% worth the look.