Bakery On O’Connell – North Adelaide SA

Bakery On O’Connell

After 6 weeks on the road we made it to Adelaide. Our plan was to park up for a couple days and get a few important jobs done, plus I wanted to hit some of the cities best and well known bakeries. My first visit was to
BAKERY ON O’CONNELL. This joint has just celebrated its 20th birthday and is one of the cities most visited bakeries.

Located on O’Connell Street North Adelaide, owners Tony and Jane opened this place 20 years ago. Over this time they have seen the place explod just like my current waistline. The bakery is open 24/7 !!! That’s right guys, it never shuts. That means 🥧 lovers can pop in at any time and dig into freshly cooked 🥧’s. This place is a mammoth operation and the bakery currently employs a whopping 80 plus staff that includes a huge baking team.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by bakery manager Shane, he gave me the guided tour that included a huge baking section out the back. This work space was incredible and the team were all systems go, pumping out 🥧’s and of course doughnuts. Speaking of doughnuts the bakery sells in excess of 3500 large ones each week. Once again these doughnuts sucked me in. The variety, color and beauty of these things was stunning. I was in the bakery quite early and was blown away on our busy it was. Shane informed me this was pretty standard and sometimes they are lined up out the door. Just imagine the characters that roll through the doors at 3am and the bullshit that’s talked at the same time 😂😂. Times like these you wounds love to be a fly on the wall.

Once again it was time to get stuck into a few 🥧‘s and there was plenty to choose from. This weeks decision was really easy. Shane suggested I give the their 🥧 of the month a test drive. This was a “slow cooked beef brisket, 2 cheeses and Jalapeños” A few other 🥧 punters were smashing a couple while I was there and it looked incredible.


1. Value for Money – $6.70 represented pretty good value. This 🥧 was more than satisfactory in depth and diameter and being a brisket 🥧 this could easily be considered a gourmet flavoured 🥧. 9/10

2. Meat Ratio – Very good !!! Just about full. Realistically only a bit here and there could have been added to this 🥧. Overall you would be very happy with this ratio in this 🥧. 9.5/10

3. Flavour – UNBELIEVABLE !!! Slow cooked beef brisket, cheddar cheese, american cheese, Jalapeños then bathed in a smokey BBQ sauce. The brisket was cooked to perfection and was incredibly tender. The cheese was the exact amount. The American cheese melted through the meat and the Jalapeño’s were sensational. This flavor was stunning !!!!10/10

4. Pastry – Color, shape, shrinkage and stability all more than satisfactory. Bottom and top bakes were cooked right however the sides were a little thick and slightly underdone. The side bakes were nothing major but clearly visable. I loved the top bake in particular, it was golden and crunchy. Overall this pasty was nearly perfect. 9.5/10

5. Serving Temperature – Zero issues !!! 10/10

Overall Rating
🥧🥧 48/50 🥧🥧

I LOVED this 🥧 !!! The flavor was the clear winner in my opinion. The beef brisket was cooked just right, the 2 cheeses melted right through the meat to perfection. Only a few minor tweaks here, apart from that this was a quality product and one I can easily recommend. Great job team.

Sadly I didn’t get to meet Tony and Jane, but a massive thanks to Shane, Letitia and Amelia for taking the time to show me around. I absolutely loved this visit and in particular seeing how the baking teams went about their business. This place is 100% worth the visit and trust me you’re going to walk out of here with 3/4 items. Plus if you’ve had a big night on the sauce and got the munchies forget the kabab, come straight over to this joint for a couple of 🥧’s !!!