Babinda Bakery – Babinda QLD

Babinda Bakery

MICHAEL McALLOON: 19/11/1966-29/06/2022
After leaving the Pinnacle Family Hotel we were on a bit of a deadline to get cracking and get up to Laura for the races and rodeo. One place I was certainly not going to bypass was the little town of Babinda and the Babinda Bakery.
Babinda is a little town situated about 60km from Cairns and often fights it off with Tully for one of the wettest towns in 🇦🇺. This bakery is famous for its 🥧‘s and cream buns, I was here for both and the anticipation was massive. I’d been chatting to owners Mick and Annette for some time now and to finally meet them and their team was super exciting.
This duo are currently into there 13th year here and have totally transformed the place. 29 staff including 5 bakers this bakery is crazy crazy busy for such a little town. Everyday day hungry locals and tourists are lined up around the block to get stuck into a plethora of food options on offer. Every single food item you could imagine is made and sold here. I was getting massively distracted by the smell and look of these cream buns, everywhere I looked I saw cream buns. It was complete torture and I had to keep reminding myself the main reason I was there and that was to review 🥧’s
I need to say the cream buns here are the best I’ve ever had, and trust me I’m extremely partial to a cream bun or six. My two over favorites cream bun hangouts are Top of the Bay Bakery and the The flying pieman, but this place has just topped these. Everyone man and his dog, has been raving about these cream buns and now I’m jumping on the bandwagon.
This was ridiculous !!! The crew bought out 🥧 after 🥧 for me to try. In the space of forty five minutes, I had put away four 🥧’s – Lamb and rosemary, pepper steak, curry and hot chili. All were equally as good, but I was always going to choose the Lamb and Rosemary to review.
1. Value for Money – $7.70 is up there for sure, but lamb costs almost as much at Lettuce these days. Also the baking tins were huge, making this 🥧 a fraction bigger than the average 🥧. Overall pretty well priced and great value 9.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Pretty full, with a good quantity of sliced lamb littered throughout. Plus as previously mentioned the 🥧 tins looked a bit larger than the normal ones. You wouldn’t be disappointed with this 🥧. 9.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – Listen to this !!! Roasted lamb (sliced)
Lamb broth (juice’s), Onion, Garlic, Rosemary, Peas, Pie thickener(roasted gravy mix. This was an incredible flavored 🥧. A very different flavor to what I was used to in a L & R. The boys have a awesome job. 10/10
4. Pastry – Unfortunately as the photos clearly show, the top and bottom bakes were slightly underbaked. The stability was ✅, the pastry flavor was also exceptional. Overall pretty good. 8.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – Perfect Temp !!! 10/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 47.5/50 🥧🥧
Apart from the pastry being slightly undercooked, this was almost perfect 🥧. The meat is sourced from local butcher xxx and the lamb in this 🥧 was stunning. Temperature and price point were a massive 👍‘s up, as was the pasty’s stability. The lamb flavor and sauce was very different and unique. It had a real savory flavor to it, which personally I loved. I also had three other 🥧’s while I was there – Hot Chili, Curry and Chunky Steak and Pepper. Those with the “Big Kahunas” give the 🔥🌶🥧 a crack !!! It’s got some serious after kick but is well worth a try.
In almost every small community and country town, the bakery is the centre point and lifeblood. Babinda Bakery is a terrific example of this and the towns locals and thousands of passing tourists love this joint. If you don’t stop and smash some quality 🥧’s and cream buns, you’ve got some serious issues !!!!
Annette and Mick I’m totally lost for words ❤️. This was a very special and emotional review. Your world has been totally turned upside down and yet during the most difficult time in your life, you spent so much time with me and for that I’m truly great full. You have created a an amazing culture within this business and this is clearly evident through your staff and satisfied customers. One thing is guaranteed, I will be back sooner rather than later and I’m so privileged have added Babinda Bakery to my Baking Family ❤️❤️