Artizan Gluten Free Bakery – Rockhampton QLD

Artizan Gluten Free Bakery

The wait is finally over !!! After almost 2 years and over 150 reviews later it was finally time to step up, get out of my comfort zone and finally try a Gluten Free 🥧.
I was going the full monty, with this review Not only was I going to try my first ever GF 🥧, i was going my very first GF bakery. Yes that’s right, every single item in this place is 100% gluten free. I was in Rockhampton Qld and heading to
Owner Simone Lawrie has had this place for a tick over 5 years and started this place from scratch. Finding GF 🥧’s can be difficult, but to have a full blown GF bakery in your town is epic. Located on the south side of Rockhampton, this place will blow you away.
From primary beef producing to running this bakery, Simone and her team have taken the bull by the horns in the catering department. The food in this place looked superb and it was time to start eating.
Being in the Beef Capital of Australia, beef 🥧 was the obvious choice, but Simone gave me a number of options. After browsing the 🥧 warmer I was super keen to try one of her favorites this was the “Curry Chicken and veggies” I had no idea what to expect but was super keen to get started.
1. Value for Money – Yes $8.80 is up there, however you need to consider the flour for making these GF 🥧’s is 5 times more expensive than the normal flour. Size wise, this 🥧 was extremely generous and weighed a bit as well. Overall very good value, however as this was my first GF 🥧 review, price wise, I’ve got nothing to compare it to. 8.5/10
2. Meat Ratio – Just about full. This 🥧 was chocked full of the biggest pieces of chicken I’ve ever seen. If you complained about the lack of chicken in this 🥧 you need to give yourself a serious uppercut. 9.5/10
3. Meat Flavour – One word “incredible” I loved and frothed on every bite. The Curry flavor was perfect as was the mixture of veggies. As mentioned earlier the chicken pieces were huge and super tender. LOVED IT !!! 10/10
4. Pastry – Once again nothing to work off, but this pastry was excellent. The top bake was perfect and the color of this 🥧 was golden brown. Photos will indicate the bottom bake was a little under cooked and slightly raw. I was expecting zero taste in this pastry, but I couldn’t have been more wrong it was actually pretty good. Yes the pastry has a totally different flavor to a normal 🥧, but overall extremely good. 8.5/10
5. Serving Temperature – One I’ve the best I’ve had. No waiting at all. The serving temperature is so important, it sets the tone for a great review and this one was perfect. 10/10
Overall Rating
🥧🥧 46.5/50 🥧🥧
Upon entering this bakery had no idea what to expect, this was my first GF rodeo. I can honestly say this 🥧 was bloody beautiful. Grabbing a GF 🥧 wouldn’t be my first choice, but gee I’m glad I lined up this review. Everything about this 🥧 was so so good. The only negative was the slightly under cooked base and this was only minor. Overall about this 🥧 was first class. The time that goes into making anything GF is extensive and tedious. The flavor was exceptional !!! I would have zero issues lobbing in Rocky again and smashing one of these GF 🥧’s
One word describes this bakery “Schmick” From the fit out to the food, everything in this place oozes class. Every item sold here is baked and prepared on premises and 100% GF. If GF and DF is your thing well look no further than this joint. I’m putting the challenge out there, if you haven’t tried a GF 🥧 get your backside trackside and give one a crack.
Simone your a dead set legend, thanks for having me in and sharing your story with me. With zero baking experience whatsoever you took a huge punt and came out the other side flying. You saw a opportunity in the market here and turned that opportunity into a very successful business. This review was over 12 months in the making, but more than worth the wait. I will be back.